New Zealand approving more work visas than residence visas
New Schengen Visa Code to be implemented February 2020
Ontario gets additional 700 nominations for 2019
Canada invites 3,200 in latest EE draw, CRS 472
Norway tops UN Report with highest human development
Australia process timeline in 2020
South Korea plans Exceptional Talent visa for foreigners
Manitoba invites 221 in latest draw under MPNP
Alberta latest draw invites 132
Immigration SA introduces changes to GSM state nomination
New regulations for protection of temporary foreign workers by Quebec
Nova Scotia invites Social & Community Service Workers in latest draw
Canada top nation for immigration and investment
Top 5 US universities with most international students in 2018/19
UK: 63% hike in Tier 4 Visas for Indians
US plans on revising L-1 norms
UK to have points-based immigration soon
More than 227K Indians on waitlist for family-sponsored US Green Card
Saskatchewan invites 460 in latest draw
Indian millionaire gets 700 prisoners in UAE released
Saudi to start instant visas for SMEs soon
Canada invites 3,600 candidates in latest draw
Germany popular with highly skilled migrants
Quebec invites 162 in 2 Arrima draws
Germany: Top 5 universities for post graduation
UAE Tourist Visa renewal without leaving country
Australia’s Global Talent Independent program
Prince Edward Island holds largest draw since February
Germany: By 2040, about 35% population to have migrant roots
UAE and GCC residents seek out Cyprus for second passport
Top 3 reasons to study abroad in Finland
South Africa to launch online visa system
New Zealand announces changes to partnership visa criteria
Top reasons for studying abroad in Canada
Hong Kong protests lead to suspension of classes in many universities
Canada’s RNIP: Communities now accepting applications
Claresholm to accept RNIP applications from January 2020
Alberta invites CRS as low as 300
Which is the most popular Indian language in U.S.?
USCIS to increase premium processing fee
Saskatchewan sends 525 ITAs in latest draw
Saudi Arabia issues more than 1 million Umrah visas
Canada invites 3,600 in latest draw
Greece Golden Visas popular with the Chinese
Canada: international student tuition fees increases
Australia: Gold Coast and Perth to be regional
Immigration is the only solution to labour shortage in Europe and U.S.
Immigrants in U.S. can now help their relatives become U.S. residents
Alberta invites candidates with CRS 300
U.S. Court refuses to strike down work permits for H-1B spouses
Manitoba invites 180 in latest draw
Australia’s significant migrant population
Which company got the most H-1Bs in FY19?
Vancouver leads in most tech jobs creation
U.S.: What makes EB-5 valuable?

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